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1) What type of person would take up such a challenge?
2) What might their reasons be for doing so?
3) What sort of preparation is required?
4) What are the conditions they experience in the Arctic or the Antarctic?

Useful phrases:

-If you ask me, I think that the type of person who sets up on a difficult journey like this has to be absolutely courageous resolute, as real dare-devil. Don't you think?
-Absolutely, absolutely! When it comes to exploring places on this planet such as the desert or the Arctic, you need to be....intrepid / fearless/ undaunted/

Vocabulary GEAR-UP

synonyms:fearless, unafraid, undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, bold, daring, gallant, audacious, adventurous, heroic, dynamic, spirited, indomitable;
informalgutsy, gutty, spunky, ballsy
"our intrepid leader inspired us to forge ahead"
move forward gradually or steadily.
"he forged through the crowded side streets"
synonyms:advance steadily, advance gradually, press on, push on, soldier on, march on, push forward, make progress, make headway
"they forged through swamps"


One Cool Guy. Meet our hero Parker Liautaud

Walking Across Antarctica - A Brave, Record-Breaking Journey from Hero Productions on Vimeo.

Reading Comprehension

One Cool Guy: Parker Liautaud

noun [C]  /ˈɔnˌlʊk·ər, ˈɑn-/ us

someone who watches something happening but is not involved in it:
The building was demolished before a crowd of nearly 200 onlookers.
(Definition of onlooker from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
What is the pronunciation of onlooker?

all in a day's work

If something difficult, unpleasant, or strange is all in a day's work for someone, it is a usual part of their job: When you're a nurse, cleaning up vomit is all in a day's work.
(Definition of all in a day's work from the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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