Guided Composition activities.

Read the following passage and then write three similar paragraphs using the information given below.

Tom is a teller; he works at Standard Bank. He works from 9AM to 5PM. He makes 3,000 dollars a month. On weekends, he plays football or goes jogging. In his free time, he studies accounting, and in a few years he hopes to become a bank manager.


Luke-doctor-hospital-midnight-11:00 AM- 3,300 dollars- does yoga-does aerobics- psychiatry- a private psychiatrist.

Dora- nurse- clinic- 6:00PM – midnight- 1,500 dollars- goes to the cinema-eats out with friends- Medicine- doctor- the community hospital.

Steven- waiter-at a restaurant- 5:00PM to midnight- 1,300 dollars- plays rugby-takes it easy at home- Professional Cooking- a prestigious chef-his own restaurant.

Sonny-salesman-shopping mall- 9:30AM –6PM  -2,500 dollars- tennis- basketball- bookkeeping – shop manager.



Susan- secretary- office- 9AM –5PM -2,000 dollars- goes to the gym-goes running-  computer programming- a programmer.



John – mechanic- garage- 7AM –4PM – 3,000 dollars- run in the park-play football- engineering- an Indy Car engineer.