Speaking questions 2 and 3

To answer question 2, it is important to understand not only what the question asks you to do, but also what the question does not ask you to do. This type of Integrated Speaking task does not ask for your own opinion; rather, it asks you to state the opinion of one of the speakers and to summarize the speaker\'s reasons for having that opinion.

As with all the other questions, you may take notes while reading, listening, and preparing your answer, and you may refer to your notes while answering the question.

EXAMPLE high level response AUDIO track 34

Recognize the attitude of the speaker through intonation, stress, and word choice. This helps you understand his or her
point of view and plan an appropriate response.


Question 4 is the second of the Integrated Speaking Tasks. For this task you will read a short passage about an academic subject and listen to a professor give a brief excerpt from a lecture on that subject. You will then be asked a question which you will answer based on what you have read and heard. You will have 60 seconds in which to give your spoken response.

For example,

IN THIS LECTURE, the professor gives an example of.........which is a concept introduced in the reading passage. …......... is ….....according to the academic text. Then in the listening passage, the professor says that a good example of......is........

First, …........then........

High level example question 2

ETS - Track 34.mp3

High level example question 3

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