Complete the questions:

What___your surname / family name?

What's your ______ name?

What's your ________?
7865 NW Sweet Street

Where do you ______?
in San Diego.

What's your phone ________?

How old ____ you?
Twenty-five. / I'm twenty-five years old.

When / Where _______ you born?
I was born in 1961 / Seattle.

_____ you married? / What______ your marital status?
I'm single.

What do you ____? / What's _____ job?
I'm a librarian.

Where did you _____?
I went to a friend's house.

What did you ______?
We played video games.

Where ______ you?
I was in New York for the weekend.

______ you ______ a car / job / house / etc.?
Yes, I've got a good job.

______ you have any children / friends / books / etc.?
Yes, I have three children - two boys and a daughter.

Can you play tennis / golf / football / etc.?
Yes, I can play golf.

Can you ______Japanese?
No, I can't speak Japanese.

Now make questions about this person:

KEY WORDS: IS WAS, he, his....

1) What_____________________________?