Read the information below then 

exercise 1 

exercise 2 

Use THE with:

Oceans, rivers, seas, gulfs, plural lakes

The Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Persian Gulf, the Great Lakes

NEVER use THE with:

Singular lakes

Lake Michigan, Lake Arrowhead


The Rocky Mountains, the Andes



Mount Rushmore, Mount McKinley

Earth, moon

The earth,  the moon

Planets, constellations, galaxies

Saturn, Mars, Orion, Andromeda

Schools, colleges and universities when the phrase begins with school, etc.

The University of Chicago, the University of Florida, the College of Arts and Sciences

Schools, colleges and universities when the phrase begins with a proper name

Fullerton College, California State University, Harvard University

Ordinal numbers before nouns


The First World War, the seventh chapter



Cardinal numbers after nouns


World War one, chapter seven

Wars (except world wars)


The Crimean War, the Korean War



Countries preceded by New or an adjective such as a direction

New Zealand, South Africa

Countries with more than one word

The United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates

Countries with only one word

Argentina, France, Spain

Historical documents

The Constitution, the Magna Carta

Continents and states

America, Europe, South America

California, Texas, Atlanta

Ethnic groups

The Indians, the Aztecs


Baseball, basketball, tennis


Abstract nouns


Love, freedom, happiness




General areas of subject matter


Mathematics, biology, history





Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving