A combined preposition from up+on meaning on                             


The phone is upon the desk.

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a)so as to touch a surface, also formal (upon)

There was something on/upon the table.

He jumped on/upon a horse.

She wrote upon the paper.

They live on/upon an island.

He got a blow on/upon his head.


b) supported by; hanging from, or fastened to,

He jumped on/upon one foot.

The ball is on/upon a string.

The wheels weren’t upon/on my car.


c) towards, to, in the direction of,

They marched on/upon Rome.

Make an attack upon/on the enemy.

She was on/upon my right.

The sun shines on/upon us.


d)Very near: The town was right on/upon the river.

My apartment is upon downtown Manhattan.

 Puente De Brooklyn, Manhattan, Centro De La Ciudad

e) )By means of, They live on potatoes, or upon.

A car runs on/upon gas.

I’ve heard it upon/on the radio.


g)With the support of (money), try to live upon/on your own income.

He went around the world upon/on the money his aunt gave him.


h)As a member of, I serve on/upon a committee.


i)After expressions of money or effort, A tax on/upon income.


USAGE! A) A book on rabbits is a more scientific book than a book about rabbits.

               b)  Upon is sometimes more formal than on, but is standard in once upon a time, and upon my word.