Review Ep. 1-3

Malcolm Stewart

Where is he from originally?

What's his marital status?

What's his job?

What did he do?

Is he excited about living with his children in New York?

What does grandpa say about Susan his granddaughter?

Richard Stewart

What does he do?

What's his current project? What is it about?

Who does he meet on the Staten Island ferry?

Is he married? Who's his wife?

Philip Stewart

What does he do for a living?

Who is he married to?

How many children does he have? 

Is he excited about grandpa's arrival?

What present does he prepare for grandpa?

Robbie Stewart

What is Robbie's occupation?

Why is he excited about Richard's camera bag?

Do you think he's gonna see Alexandra again?

Does he usually have breakfast at home?

What does he give grandpa as a welcome present?

Episode 1

Richard ___________ that he must meet his ________. He tells Alexandra _____ name, and he thanks ____ for her help.
They say good-bye, and Richard ______. Alexandra sees that he forgot one______.
Richard's wife is a _________. She's helping a customer choose a ________. The customer tries on a _____ one, but she and Marilyn agree that the color is too _________. So Marilyn finds a _________ sweater. It is size_____. Richard arrives at the  _______ and tells Marilyn his problem. Then Marilyn makes a telephone call to the Staten Island Ferry Los and ______ office.
They don't have the camera ________.

Watch the video and write the different ways of saying THANK YOU and YOU'RE WELCOME

Introduce yourself.  Make a list of the ways of introducing yourself.

Where are you from?