Family Album U.S.A.  Ep. 3  Grandpa's trunk

Watch Act 1. Go to your workbook Family Album U.S.A and begin lesson one Episode 3 page 33 (book)

  Let’s review the story: Who are these people?

  1. Ellen
  2. Marilyn
  3. Richard
  4. Robbie
  5. Philip

Watch ACT 1 and Complete:

Idiomatic expressions are in yellow!

Ellen: Marilyn, you want __________________?

Marilyn: Coffee, please.

Ellen: I am so ________! At this time tomorrow morning, Grandpa ___________ in the kitchen with us.

Marilyn: When does he arrive?

Ellen: At _____________ this evening.

Marilyn: By _______?

Ellen: No, by ________.

Marilyn: Are we picking him up _____ the _________?

Ellen: Not Grandpa. He doesn't want anybody picking him up. He likes to be independent.

Marilyn: _____. (expression)

Ellen: Oh, let's go upstairs and prepare Grandpa's room.

Marilyn: Great! Let's do it!

Richard: Good morning, Mom.

Robbie: _________.  (expression)

Ellen: Well, hi ______. (expression)

Richard: Hello.

Marilyn: Hi, _______.  (expression)

Richard: Hi, honey.

Robbie: Morning, Marilyn.

Marilyn: We're going upstairs to _____  ____   (expression)  Grandpa's room. There's coffee ready.

Robbie: I'm really excited about seeing Grandpa.

Richard: Me, too. Milk, please.

Robbie: He's so funny. He always makes me laugh. I hope Grandpa's going to like living with us.

Richard: I think he will. It just takes time to feel comfortable in a new place.

Robbie: Won't he _______ being in Florida?

Richard: Well, he will, but I think he'll like being here with the family.

Robbie: Are you sure about that? It's crazy here most of the time.

Richard: But it's fun.

Robbie: _____ for ______.  (expression)

Richard: You know, maybe I'll put together some photos of Grandpa as a "welcome" present.

Robbie: That's a neat _____.   (expression) What can I do ?

 I've ____ ___  (expression) 

I have a picture of Grandpa and Dad and me in my wallet. It's from the Fathers and Son's Breakfast at my _____  _____   ______   graduation.

Richard: Oh, I remember this picture.

Robbie: I'd really like to pick up Grandpa at the ________  station.

Richard: Railroad stations or airports –

Grandpa always tells us he'll get here by ______.(expression)

Robbie: He's something!  (expression)

Marilyn: Is this all Grandpa's stuff?

Ellen: That's it. But I'm sure he has a few bags with him on the train.

Marilyn: What's inside?

Ellen: I don't know. It's locked.

Marilyn: Hmm-hmmm...

Philip: Hi.

Ellen: Oh, hi, ________. (expression)

Marilyn: Morning, Philip.

Philip: I want to put some of my good hangers in Grandpa's closet. You know, I'm very excited about his arrival.

Ellen: We are, too. Susan called early this morning. She's ________ because she had to go to Chicago on a business trip and can't leave till tonight. She wants to be here for Grandpa.

Philip: Well, Grandpa will be _________, too. He loves Susan. She always reminds him of Grandma. Well, how's everything here?

Marilyn: Fine. We were just wondering about this trunk.

Ellen: It's locked.

Philip: Oh. I have the ______. Grandpa sent it to me.

Extra conversation Practice

1)      Is there anything you used to do when you were younger that you miss doing today? Do you miss playing......? Do you miss going to....?

2)      Do you miss your family and friends when you are far from home?

3)      Have you set up your bedroom in a particular way? Following Fen-Shui?

4)      Do you think that collecting discount coupons is a neat idea? What kind of coupons are there?

Check out these ideas say if they are NEAT to you:

5) Do you know a person that when you think of hime or her you say: He/She is something! Who is this person? How old is he or she? What does he or she do for a living? 

Watch the act again  and answer the questions below:

1) Does grandpa live alone?

2) Does he have a house in Florida?

3) Does he have a house in New York?

4) Is Elsa Tobin married?

5) Does she have a house in New York?

6) Does she have family there?

7) Does she have friends in NY?

8) Is grandpa independent?

9) Does he like his children to be independent?

10) Does he mind being alone?

11) Is grandpa retired?

12) Is grandpa married?

13) Did grandpa stop working?

14) Did he stop working because he wants to be with his family?

15) Is Elsa from Florida too?

Watch ACT 3 again and answer the questions below:

 Watch Act 3 again and complete the gaps:

Robbie: When can we go 1)______________?

Grandpa: Robbie, we'll go fishing soon and we'll take your dad with us.

Philip: I'm ready, Grandpa. You name the day.

Ellen: That's a great idea, Grandpa! Philip needs a 2)_______off.

Robbie: Let's give him our presents, now.

Richard: Good idea.

Grandpa: Presents? For 3)_____?

Richard: From me and Marilyn.

Robbie: And this one's from me. I looked all over the house to find it.

Grandpa: Richard, these are 4)________pictures. This one really brings back memories. You remember that day, Robbie?

Robbie: I sure do. It was fun.

Grandpa: Oh, I'm sorry Susan isn't here. I  5)______her very much.

Ellen: She feels bad, too, Grandpa. She called to say the plane was delayed. You know 6)________.

Grandpa: I can't wait to see her. She looks just like Grandma at that age. I'd better unpack. I started traveling twenty-four hours ago. I'm not so 7)___________anymore.

Ellen: Don't you want something to eat?

Grandpa: No, thanks. After a good night's sleep, I'll enjoy breakfast even more.

Philip: Well, come on, Dad. Ellen and I'll take you to your room.

Robbie: I'm sure glad you're here, Grandpa.

Richard: Good night, Grandpa.

Marilyn: Pleasant 8)__________.

Grandpa: Philip, do you have the key to the trunk?

Philip: I have the 9)______, but it doesn't work.

Grandpa: I sent the wrong key.

(Grandpa finds the right key on his key ring in his pocket)

Grandpa: I have something for you. I made it 10)_______. I think you'll enjoy it. I researched it for over a year. It's our family 11)________.

Ellen: Oh, Grandpa! How exciting!

Philip: Fabulous! Why, I didn't know that your grandfather 12)_____ 13)____in Germany.

Grandpa: Lots of interesting information about our family. A gift from me.

Ellen: Thank you so much.

Susan: Grandpa! Grandpa! Oh, Grandpa, I'm so happy to see you!

Grandpa: Oh, you look so beautiful, Susan. My 14)___________! Like I always said, you look just like Grandma.

Philip: I think you're going to be very happy here with us.

Ellen: I know you will.

Grandpa: I don't feel alone 15)____________.




Many Americans retire at the age of 65. Some retire at a younger age, and others choose never to retire. The federal government provides social security (money each month) for workers who retire.


  • Is 65 the retirement age in your country?
  • How so older people get money after they stop working? Do they have a social security program? Do some people continue working?


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 ACT 2

Roles in this act:

  1. Elsa
  2. Grandpa
  3. Conductor

(On a train from Florida to New York)

Elsa: Excuse me. Is this_____  _______?

Grandpa: No, it's not taken.

Elsa: Oh, thank you.

Grandpa: Oh, let me help you with this.

Elsa: Oh, thank you.

Grandpa: Do you want to sit _____the window?

Elsa: No, no, no. I like the aisle seat better. Please, you sit by the ________.

Grandpa: My name is Stewart... Malcolm Stewart. Pleased to ______you (IE).

Elsa: I'm Elsa Tobin. How do you ______?

Grandpa: Do you live _____New York?

Elsa: No, no, I'm _______Florida.

Grandpa: I am, too. But didn't you just get on?

Elsa: No, no. I just changed my seat. A man next to me was ________, and smoke really bothers me. Where are you _______in Florida?

Grandpa: Titusville. It's near Orlando.

Elsa: _______world (IE). I'm from Titusville, too.

Grandpa: Really? What part?

Elsa: My husband and I live near Spaceport.

Grandpa: Well, I know that area. My house is only a few miles from Spaceport. Do you still live there?

Elsa: Oh yes, yes. My husband's there now. He couldn't take _____off (IE)  to come to New York with me. Do you still live there?

Grandpa: No. I sold the house and the furniture, put a few personal things in an old trunk and shipped it to my children in New York. That's my __________.

Elsa: Are you married?

Grandpa: My wife died ______years ago. She was a _______woman. A ____ friend.

Elsa: I'm sorry. Really, I'm sorry.

Grandpa: Lots of wonderful ________. We were married almost _____years. Well, forty-seven, to be exact.

Elsa: John and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary next month.

Grandpa: Oh, congratulations! That's nice. What does John do?

Elsa: He's an aerospace _______and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation. He started with them almost forty years ago. What do you do?

Grandpa: I just retired. Had my own company. A construction company. ______, _______, big stuff. But I just sold it and retired.

Conductor: Excuse me, ma'am. Ticket, please.

Elsa: Would you kindly hold these keys, please? I have a ticket, I know. I was in the smoking section.

Conductor: It's OK, lady. Take your ______. (IE)

Grandpa: I'm sure it's in your purse, Mrs. Tobin.

Elsa: Oh, here it is.

Grandpa: And here are your keys.

Elsa: Thank you.

Grandpa: Do you have _______in New York?

Elsa: No, no, but do have very close friends in New York City. We like to go to the ________together. You said you have family in New York.

Grandpa: Yes, indeed. A son and his wife and their three children - my ____________.

Elsa: You must be _________.

Grandpa: I can't _______ to see them!(IE)

Elsa: Are you going to live with them?

Grandpa: Yes.

Elsa: Permanently?

Grandpa: Well...they want me to, but it's too ______ (SOON) to know for sure. I'm pretty independent. I tried to teach my kids the importance of independence, but I'm not sure I want to be alone. Some people don't mind being alone. I do.

Elsa: I understand, but tell me: Why did you ________working?

Grandpa: I retired because... I wanted to be with my _______. I didn't want to be alone anymore!