WRITING EXERCISES: The Present tense.

1)      She speaks English very well, but she doesn’t understand Spanish.




Play guitar/read/music-


Make cakes/bake bread-


Grow flowers/ grow vegetables-


Send emails/ send letters-


Cook pizza/cook pasta-


Walk in the park/go to the gym-


Go to the seaside on holidays/ go to the beach-


Go to work every day/ talk to her workmate-


Watch baseball on TV/ play baseball-




2)      Do you usually eat toast for breakfast? I eat toast for breakfast every day-


Drink tea for breakfast/every day-


Eat pizza for dinner /twice a week-


Have a barbecue /once a week-


Take the bus to work/every day-


Watch TV-/every day


See a movie at the theater- /once a month-


Take it easy=relax/ on weekends


Visit the farmer’s market/ once a month-


Now follow the example:

Does your friend eat toast for breakfast? Susan eats toast for breakfast every day-




3)      Food


Do you have any lettuce? I need some lettuce to make a salad for dinner-


Have/tomatoes? /make a sauce/For lunch


Have/onions? / make a pizza/ For dinner


Have/flour? / make a cake for tea-


Have/ spaghetti? / make spaghetti Bolognese for lunch-


Have meat? / make a stew / for lunch-


Have apples? / make an apple crumble/ for dessert-


Write a paragraph. Follow the EXAMPLE:

 This is Angie. She’s 26 years old and she’s single. She lives in New York City. She lives in an apartment, and she has a roommate. Angie works in a kitchen store, but she doesn’t like her job. She wants to be a rock star. Every Saturday, she sings with a band. She is a good singer. She sometimes colors her hair orange. Angie has a boyfriend, Ryan. He is a lawyer. He wants to marry her, but she doesn’t want to get married right now. She wants to be famous. She has a little brother. Her brother lives with her parents. Angie calls him a lot. Sometimes, she takes her brother out for lunch.





Work/in an office/want/pro baseball player.

Play on a team/good player/sometimes/gym

Girlfriend/Annie/an artist/want to marry him

He not marry her


Little sister/live/his parents/Boston

Albert call/lot

Sometimes/visit her/Boston.

Los Angeles
work/office/database administrator
professional musician
Parents/San Diego
two brothers/one sister

banjo player on a band
retired/loan officer /bank
free time/origami/play/golf/friends
wife/retired too/ school teacher/
two children/six grandchildren
Bob 45 lawyer/married/Julia/three children
Sue 36 accountant/married /Bryan/three children.